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Turbo tape 64

Name: Turbo tape 64

File size: 481mb

Language: English

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A fast loader is a software program for a home computer, such as the Commodore 64 or ZX Spectrum, that accelerates the speed of file loading from floppy disk or compact cassette. . In April , Compute! published TurboDisk, a fast loader that included C64 and VIC versions.

This program proved popular and was  Floppy disks - Background - Commercial fast loaders - Type-in fast loaders. Last month COMPUTE! unveiled "TurboTape," a breakthrough program that makes Commodore 64 and VIC tapes save and load as fast as disks. Although. Commodore 64 Tool: Turbo Tape 64 by WTS. Released on Back in the day, when I first got my C64 in , I remember having a load of games on one big C60 tape.

These were mostly US games that. 23 Oct - 36 min - Uploaded by Theshadowsnose This video was a lot of work to do, but I didn't find anything similar on Youtube, so i made it. I. 19 Jul - 10 min - Uploaded by Theshadowsnose In this video I try to explain how Turbo Tape works and why the ROM loader is so slow.

Quite a. 14 Sep - 5 min - Uploaded by akiotenshi There are newcomers to the C64 and here is the tutorial, how to load a Turbo- Tape loader and. Almost every marketed C64 tape software uses some form of Turbo Loader. The origin of these Turbo Loaders is rather obscure. Each turbo file is made of a HEADER section and a DATA one, without gaps between This is the "TURBO TAPE 64" format. A fast loader, also called turbo loader or floppy speeder, accelerates the loading of programs.

Fast loaders are Turbo Tape, VC 20, C64, D, 8.


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